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At Computer Wizards Professional I.T. Solutions, we have a very high
success rate when it comes to recovering lost data files from hard drives, flash drive, and camera cards. We charge a flat $50.00 to attempt any data recovery. If we are  unable to recover any of your data, we will not charge any additional fees. In the event that we are unable to recover data in house, we work very closely with a Data Recovery Clean Room Service. We can send your drive out free of charge for an evaluation, and a price quote to retrieve your lost files.

We also offer Hard Drive Imaging Services, an exact clone of your operating system in it's most current state on to a new hard drive.  This is a very effective back up method for business computers. In the event that your hard drive crashes, having an cloned drive on hand will be able to bring your computer back to it's most recent back up state.
$65.00 plus hard drive cost

Phone Screen Repair


At Computer Wizards Professional I.T. Solutions, we service more than just computers. We are also able to troubleshoot, and repair circuit boards for just about any electronic device, including GPS units, stereos, televisions, DVD players,  blue-ray players, game consoles, guitar amps, and much more. We have the experience, and equipment to pinpoint the faulty component, and replace it, bringing an otherwise useless piece of equipment back to life.


Computer Wizards Professional I.T. Solutions services all Apple products, and the "go to"  for iPhones, iPad, iPod and Tablet Repair in Kutztown. In most cases we can have your phone screen repair back to you the same  or next day, depending on replacement parts availability   At Computer Wizards, we have an Apple technician on staff to service all Apple Computers, new or vintage.
Usually when you take your broken Apple device to the Apple Store for repair, they will tell you that the device is either obsolete, can not be fixed, or they will give you an astronomical price to repair it. We can fix what they say can not be fixed, and we can usually fix it for a fraction of the price. 


At Computer Wizards Professional I.T. Solutions in  Kutztown, we offer a wide variety of different types of repairs for both laptop, and desktop computers. After 14 years of being in the computer service profession, we have seen and fixed it all. From replacing a bad power supply, or motherboard, to replacing broken laptop screens, broken laptop power jacks, screen hinges, keyboard replacements, even water damage,

Yes, We Can Fix That!


When it's a true emergency and it requires onsite service, or if you would simply prefer the convenience of having us come out to you, we will stop what were doing and get there ASAP to help, but unlike other places, we don't just let a clock run, we are aware of time and budgets and perform our tasks quickly and efficiently, to minimize the billing time, in some cases we pick up a defective system and return to our shop and repair it there at a much lower rate and then return the unit the following day and place it back in service.
For our contract clients pickup and delivery of systems is performed at no charge in most cases.


Here at Computer Wizards Professional I.T. Solutions, we are passionate about computers, and we love what we do. For us, it is all about building quality, reliable solutions for our clients, so we use only top quality, name brand components backed by the best warranties. From basic internet browsers, to high end gaming systems, workstations, or business servers, we build customized computers tailored to our clients needs, and most importantly, budget. Click Here to see some of our recent favorites


In many cases minor computer problems can be resolved remotely in 30 minutes or less  Relax in the comfort of your own home while one of our wizards takes control via the internet, to resolve your computer problem. This is a much more convenient , and usually more cost effective way to have your computer problems resolved.

Call today to speak with a Computer Wizards Professional IT Solution's technician.
Initial session connect and Diagnostic Fee: $25.00
Then $1.50 per minute for up to one hour. .75 cents per minute after that.
If we are unable to solve your problem remotely, all minutes used become FREE. I
f you choose to have us come onsite to solve the problem that we could not solve remotely , your session connect is also waived and your remote service call becomes 100% FREE.


Viruses and spyware can compromise all the data that is stored your computer, potentially siphoning credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information to be leaked out on to the Internet. This can lead to identity theft, fraud and other problems that no computer user deserves to experience. Improper virus removal can lead to reinfection, data corruption or other problems.Viruses can also spread over networks, through storage devices and over e-mail. This can cause problems for your friends, family and co-workers. AVG Antivirus software is installed on all Computer Wizards computers to prevent and detect viruses and other malware. Our Virus removal procedure is very thorough, we make sure to not just remove the infection, but we also repair the damages that it may have caused to your operating system, We finish up by running our full PC Tune Up Procedure. We will guarantee that when you receive your computer back, it will be 100% infection free 

PC Tune Ups

Our PC Tune Up procedure includes a thorough cleaning of the computer's operating system. We update all essential programs and protection software,

and remove all malicious or unnecessary programs, temporary files, and cookies that bog down the operating system. We install anti virus, and malware protection software if needed, and optimise all settings, and clean the Windows start menu.When your computer is finished it will run as good as new.
Cost for this service $75.00 (Additional user accounts $20.00 per user account)


Are you experiencing no video displaying on your screen, on then off syndrome or hanging boot ups? A reball (BGA repair) can fix these problems. Red ring of death on your Xbox or yellow light on your PlayStation? This can also be fixed. Computer Wizards Professional IT Solutions offers successful re-ball and chip re-flow repair for a variety of motherboards and logic boards.
This service also is used for repairing video cards in both desktop, and laptop computers. So if you are experiencing lines on your screen, indicating a failing video card, don't replace it, let us fix it for a fraction of the price.

At Computer Wizards Professional I.T. Solutions in Kutztown, we offer a wide variety of computer repair services for all computer brands, and operating systems,  including all Apple products. Our unique blend of computer technicians, each with their own area of expertise, allows us to provide a wide variety of services, not offered by most of our competitors.
We can repair most issues that box stores wouldn't consider touching, and most other repair shops lack the equipment, experience, or skill set to fix. Our mission is to provide high-quality and cost-effective IT services that meet our customers' needs.
We manage and support all our IT service solutions using cutting-edge technology. With the utmost quality and consistency, we make technology an asset for our clients through unique, individualized solutions..


We offer a full networking services for home and businesses. Does your office need help setting up a Local Area Network (LAN)? Do you want to connect your computers at home? Do you want help setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? Computer Wizards Professional IT Solutions is here for you. We can troubleshoot existing networks or install a new network for you. Includes both wired and wireless network solutions.Be sure to ask about our Voice Over IP (VOIP) Solutions.


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